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  • 9 декабря 2014

Media Project

What the Pack is the largest Russian-language community devoted to consumer branding and packaging design. Since the end of 2010 we select the world’s best commercial and concept brand design solutions and bring the people and studios behind them to our audience.

WTP features both experienced branding professionals and young and promising creative teams that shape the market in Russia and the neighboring countries here and now. In 2013 our project’s expert pool grew to include international designers and agencies talking about their signature practices and know-how in interviews exclusive to WTP.

Our large expert base, our active collaboration with the market’s professionals, analysis of the best cases and a continuous flow of fresh new projects helped us develop a deep understanding of the principles underlying high-quality and 100%-effective design. Our mission is to bring the Cyrillic brand design to par with the Western quality level and to introduce the best ideas and teams in Russia to the international community.

  • Reviews and analytics
  • Direct quotes from respected professionals
  • Testing and assessment of new projects
  • Professional events organization and coverage
  • Support to educational programs
  • Competitions for designers and illustrators

The language, format and approach adopted by What the Pack are appreciated equally by experts, consumers, and international professionals: in 2014 a case study by WTP’s team won the  Writing & Commentary Professional Notable Award at Core777 Design Awards international competition.

Printing House

What the Pack has its own production unit that makes it possible to create packaging and labelling design that fully meets the client’s requirements, goals and budget. Globous Continental is a modern printing house that ensures high-quality hand-made product for every client. The printing house team is ready to join the projects from the very start to avoid glitches due to the discrepancies between the design and real-life technical conditions.

  • Consultations on all possible issues in packaging and label manufacturing
  • Creation of a unique structure or fine-tuning the existing one
  • Manufacturing packaging and labels – from economy to premium

Special Projects by What the Pack


A series of unique interviews where the best international agencies and designers talk about their tricks of the trade and their creative process and share the rules of creating effective packaging and high-quality brand-design solutions.


Honest and subjective reviews of the most useful books on packaging design, development, branding and marketing. We filled the first shelves of our library with the help of the British Higher School of Art and Design: the School’s experts selected the books to be reviewed by What the Pack. Specialized bookstores (IndexMarketDesignBooksRespublikaBiblio-Globus) marked these editions with a special recommendation tag and presented those who bought them with a set of designer postcards depicting the best packaging concepts by BHSAD students. More and more publishing houses and bookstores are joining the project (Mann, Ivanov & FerberKAK-project), and our virtual bookcase is expanding.


What the Pack has organized and supported a number of competition projects where young manufacturers and brands could find both one-time contractors for a specific task, and full-time team members. Packaging created as a result of a competition does not only help a brand to enter store chains and find its place on the shelves, as was the case with Marc 100% natural, a line of organic snacks. It draws media attention and earns mention in professional contexts and competitions, like Teatul by Khadia UlumbekovaAlexey SeoevKaterina TeterkinaPavla Chuykina and Anna Moiseenko or The Marc by Alexey Seoev, continuously contributing to brand recognition.


Studies by WTP are devoted to the research into consumer preferences and global trends in brand design, as well as development history of specific brands and visual communication devices and techniques.


What the Pack’s professional community is an educated, curious and sophisticated audience, mostly comprised of professionals in visual communications, creative processes management, branding, and advertising. We are happy to publish job announcements from creative agencies and manufacturers and to help them find people for rather unique jobs.

Contact Information

To submit your work — lynch@wtpack.ru
To send a publication, a competition or job announcement — info@wtpack.ru
To tell it all to the chief editor — xenta@wtpack.ru

Phone: +7 (965) 291-77-76

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