Design of the Year

  • 24 апреля 2013

Design of the Year category assesses the skill of brand promotion through design, project competitiveness in today’s market, and its aesthetic value.

The category is open to packaging published or produced between January 1, 2012 and March 1, 2013, as well as concepts developed within this period that did not go into production.

Entries are welcome in the following subcategories:
1. Non-alcoholic beverages
Water, juices and soft drinks; coffee and tea; milk-based drinks.

2. Alcoholic beverages
Beer and low-alcohol drinks, wine, spirits.

3. Food products
Dairy products; grain products (bread, pasta, cereals); spices, oils, sauces, condiments, appetizers; ready-to-eat dishes; fish, meat, poultry; fruits and vegetables.

4. Desserts & Snacks
Confectioneries, pastry, candies, chocolate, ice cream, sweets, snacks, chewing gum.

5. Beauty & Health
Cosmetic products and perfumes; toiletries; clothing, footwear, accessories.
Medications; pharmaceuticals; vitamins and dietary supplements; medical devices and supplies.

6. Other products
Household products: household chemicals, paints, tools, appliances, utensils; stationery, car products, pet products; leisure and sports; industrial products.

7. Limited editions
Merchandise, packaging issued to mark an event, premium packaging.

8. Concepts
Projects that did not go into mass production, demonstrating innovative ideas in rethinking the look of the packaging of an existing product or in creating a new one.

Evaluation criteria for all the categories: production quality, design, visual brand communication, reaching the target audience, informational value, competitiveness (except for category 8).

The expert jury reserves the right to change the category or subcategory for an entry in case it considers that the entry has initially been submitted to an incorrect category or subcategory. Jury members are not allowed to vote for their own entries or entries submitted by the company they are employed at.

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